Top 10 reasons to go to Dubai

To ensure that we provide our customers with the best holiday experiences possible, we often send our agents out to different destinations to visit hotels, participate in excursions and just gain some knowledge of the destination so we can recommend only the best for our customers.

Last week one of our agents flew out to Dubai for 4 days, we have asked her to write a blog about what she learnt and her thoughts on this destination.

This is what she said……

So up until last week , Dubai has never been somewhere I had ever considered going, after spending 4 amazing days there, I am currently sat planning my holiday back there next year!

I had always had this idea that it was very strict on certain things, not somewhere you would go if you like beach holidays, expensive and just not somewhere that exciting. How wrong was I!

From the minute I arrived at the airport, to the minute I left, I walked around in complete amazement. I didn’t realise what a beautiful place it actually was. Home to some of the biggest, tallest and best buildings on the world.. The fastest ride in the world, soon to have the largest museum in the world, the largest hotel in the world, and the only 7* hotel in the world. Everything that Dubai does is the biggest and best in the world. If they do something, they do it best. Dubai is also the richest country in the world.

The crime rate there is next to none, I actually experienced this first hand after leaving my mobile phone in a bar for 4 hours. I returned with not an awful lot of hope that it would still be there, to find some people sat at the same table I had been at ,who explained someone had found it and handed it in for me! How often does this happen!?

Although very hard to choose, I have to say my best experience of Dubai was the dinner sunset safari. In fact I think I would say this was one of the best experiences I have ever done. People should go to Dubai just to do this alone!

We were picked up in a jeep safari, driven to the middle of the desert, where we first watched a falcon show. This is something that could be seen anywhere, but to do it in the middle of the desert was just completely different! We then got back into our jeeps, with our highly trained driver, and taken even further deep into the desert. What came next was just something that everyone should put on their bucket list! The driver pulled up towards a great huge sand dune, put his foot down and began flying over the desert sand dunes. I can’t remember ever laughing as much. The adrenalin was such a great feeling.

We then stopped in the desert at sunset and watched the beautiful sun go down. After, we were driven to a specially designed camp for a lovely BBQ dinner and dance and camel ride. It’s not every day you can say you had tea in the desert! There was also an option for an overnight stay in a little tepee tent , which unfortunately I did not get to do , but I certainly will be on my return to Dubai!

Another amazing experience was Ferrari World, this is every man, child’s and adrenalin seekers dream! It is the world’s only indoor theme park , with the fastest roller coaster in the world. Of course I had to try this out, and it was just so much fun! There is a ride that shows you what it’s like to drive a Ferrari, simulators, rides for smaller people and much more!

As I said, I was always under the impression that it is very strict for women over there, and was very worried at the start to what I should wear. Luckily I had 30kg , so took my entire wardrobe! I really needn’t had bothered. It is no different to anywhere else in the world you go. If you go to the mosque, you do need to cover up more in respect for their religion, however everywhere else, people walked around in exactly what they wanted!

The people were so friendly, and again much to my surprise, they all spoke fluent English, even local taxi drivers and bus drivers, which I haven’t found before in other places I have travelled. They couldn’t do enough for you and made us feel so comfortable.

Standards of hotels in just in general over there are very very high. It is the richest country in the world, and they certainly show this with their hotel standards.

The main thing apart from the people, the beautifulness, the amazing things to do, and just that it is such a perfect place; that will bring me back to Dubai , is the fact that I love the sun and beach holidays , but also love city breaks, and this is the best of both worlds!

I could go on forever about this unbelievable place but I will leave the rest for you to find out for yourself! If you would like any more information on Dubai, you know who to call!

My Top 10 reasons to go to Dubai

  1. The beauty and views are just out of this world
  2. There is so much to do and see
  3. The people are so friendly and make you feel so welcome
  4. Hotel standards are very high, as is the service
  5. Sun and beach whilst in a lovely city
  6. To do the safari!
  7. Feels so safe and crime rate is very very low
  8. Home to some of the largest, best buildings in the world , not forgetting one of the 8 wonders of the world , THE PALM!
  9. Gorgeous weather
  10. Fab for shopping


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Top 10 reasons to go to Dubai

To ensure that we provide our customers with the best holiday experiences possible, we often send our agents out to different destinations to visit hotels, participate in excursions and just gain some knowledge of the destination so we can recommend

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