Incredible Iceland from Humberside 2018

I have just returned from the most amazing trip that is being offered to our customers in January and February 2018 (Where it will be even more scenic as there should be LOTS of snow then!) direct from Humberside Airport and wanted to highlight my experience to those already lucky to have booked and to encourage others to grab some of the very limited seats we have left!

On the flight into Akureyri I was in awe of the views from the aircraft window and could tell that this trip was going to be one where I spent most of my time with my jaw open at the stunning scenery!

The coach trip from the airport to the hotel Kea by Kea in the centre of town lasted exactly a 3 text message conversation to the family back home to let them know I’d arrived safely – always a bonus a short transfer so no time lost in starting our trip.

Checking into the hotel and heading out to look at the city and go for some dinner it made me realise how pretty this town is and the location of all the amenities to the hotels were fantastic, less than a 5 minute walk from the waterfront, a number of different restaurants (The Hamburger Factory is a must!) supermarkets and local cafe bars to choose from.

Our first full day we had the Lake Myvatn tour which is automatically included in the Humberside package. The drive through the wonder of northern Iceland had so many breath-taking views and the opportunity to have stops to take lots of photos and videos was perfect.

The stop at the Godafoss waterfalls was amazing, the local legend of the “Waterfall of the Gods” was explained by our guide in such a good way which has now started me being interested in Icelandic folk stories and legends!

The freshness of the air amazed me and we even had a drink of the water from the falls! This area was easily accessible to viewing points above the falls with a great selfie spot!

From the falls we went to the Namafjall, the boiling mud pots. A strange place, but be warned – its smelly! An impromptu facial steam to freshen up was had by those brave enough to stand close enough but watch out, frizzy hair is the result!

A little Troll hunting followed at Dimmuborgir, lava rock formations with more folk tales about how they were formed and a perfect spot for budding photographers.
Now I know why they say the island was formed by fire and carved by ice.

For those who wish to add on the optional excursion the nature baths will be visited on this tour, another natural wonder the geo-thermal waters are a welcome warming experience. Don’t forget your swimwear and towel!

Our second day started with hotel visits, we were able to view the hotels on offer to our customers, all the hotels were so impressive. Great locations, stunning views and very high standards throughout. We have some very lucky customers from what I’ve seen!

After hotel visits we then treated to one of the option excursions again, the Bjorbodin beer spa! A private hot tub filled with young local brewed beer and your own beer pump! Not sure if it was the hops in the bath or the glass but I felt fantastic afterwards!

Our last evening we were lucky enough to see the northern lights. Whilst the weather wasn’t great and the Aurora wasn’t strong we were still able to view this natural phenomenon. Those going on our January and February dates will have a much better chance to see them. Something that impressed me was that the team in resort are aware that these cannot be guaranteed but they have plans to change the trips to get a better chance of seeing them if they don’t look like they’ll be on show.

Then if you’re still reading then highlight of the trip, whale watching!

This is one of the top moments in my life, seeing these beautiful humpback whales swimming through the fjord gave me chills and at one point tears in my eyes. I urge everyone to add this trip on. I’ll let my pictures do the rest of the talking!

We have very limited places left for February 2018 and I know these will sell out very soon, but if you cannot wait until 2019 we can offer places on other airport departures so please don’t hesitate to call and get this booked.

If you would like more information on trips to Iceland or wish to book please call us on 01652 682000.



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Incredible Iceland from Humberside 2018

I have just returned from the most amazing trip that is being offered to our customers in January and February 2018 (Where it will be even more scenic as there should be LOTS of snow then!) direct from Humberside Airport


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